2006 Edition Gallery

The following pictures were taken during Codex Alpe Adria 2006.

Click the images to view a 640x480 picture. The original higher resolution images, where available, can be loaded by appending "_hires" to the file name (e.g. "example.jpg" vs. "example_hires.jpg").

Please refer to the image file name prefixes for photo credits:

  • Alessandro Passoni (ap)
  • Andreas Bornmann (ab)
  • Bernd Schmidt (bs)
  • Camillo Belotti (cb)
  • Claudio Marro Filosa (cmf)
  • Daniele Redivo (dr)
  • Enrico Vidale (ev)
  • Jens Schönfeld (js)
  • Luca Danelon (ld)
  • Luca Rossato (lr)
  • Marco Foco (mf)
  • Stefan Leitner (sl)


Conference sessions are available as a podcast. You can use this RSS file to download all MP3 files to a compatible player:

Codex Alpe Adria 2006 Seminars

Individual files are also available in MP3 format:

Dennis van Weeren's presentation is additionally available in a video version (WM9 and iPod-compatible MPEG-4) which includes his slides and additional photographs:


First Arrivals


Final Preparations


Ciccio Forever

Friday evening: the city
is getting ready for
football quarter finals...

... so we pwned the entire restaurant!

Great evening!


While Everybody Else...

(Italy won 3-0)

Saturday's Seminars


Dennis presents Minimig

Featuring slides...

... action...


... and benchmarks!

Bernd tells the story of UAE

And Jens illustrates
his new developments

Dario and Max present
the latest AmigaOS news

Matteo and Marco speak about
retrocomputing, with a
special on Apple's 30 years


Cesare and his
supporters delve into
the demoscene

Fabrizio presents the Prophet 64
synthesizer and SID editor


Demos Galore

Demos being completed
and featured day and night


Real People, Emulated Worlds


Bernd (UAE), Dennis (Minimig) and Jens (Clone-A)
exchanging ideas and having fun


Retro Mood

Time machine

Excellence and diversity in
a handful of kilobytes


680x0 systems rule...

... until PCs mark the
beginning of a new era


And of course, lots of
Commodore and Amiga memories

Do you remember?
Before the internet was...
... videotex (aka Minitel/BTX)

Printed memories

Alternative Systems


iMac made in Ikea
(empty inside)

Minimig Amiga Clone

More views of the Minimig


8-Bit Bike


More views of the Bike 64 Project





Some snacks and drinks before dinner



Banquet time


Sunday's Surprise Compo


That's actually fun!

A penny for your thoughts...

Better than eating bananas, isn't it? ;-)

What's troubling you?


Disk Throwing Competition

Mirror mirror...

... where is the disk?


Creative minds neet to
also have a look inside


A rainbow of people

And the Winners Are...

The competition winners
(Grand Prize: a C65 prototype)


Cameras Galore

In case you were wondering why this
page takes so long to load...


Monday's Excursion

First stop: Duino castle

Some impressive views from above...

... and below


Nice place, isn't it?

Grotta Gigante
(largest touristic cave in the world)

Trieste from above...

... before Bernd has to leave

Panini sounds tempting,
but we are here for the WWI memorial

Dario almost in 3D

At tuba terribili sonitu taratantara dixit

It's almost night in Trieste

See you next year!