Local Maps

Codex Alpe Adria 2007 takes place in and around Udine (Google Earth data). The official hotel, restaurants and meeting venues are all within either walking distance from each other, or a few minutes by bus (train station to hotel by line 4 "San Gottardo" is 4 minutes).

The main event on Saturday, July 7, 2007 takes place on a bus or at the ground in the beautiful towns of Aquileia, Cividale and San Daniele. The event bus leaves from the meeting points marked with "1" (at 08:50), "2" (at 08:55) and "3" (at 09:00).

Event Neighborhood (North Downtown)

This area is slightly to the north-east of the city center. Also see: Google Earth data.

Event neighborhood map

Points of interest

  • 1: Hotel President - Saturday bus departure at 08:50
  • 2: Udine Teatro Nuovo parking lot - Saturday bus departure at 08:55
  • 3: Piazza Primo Maggio ("first of May square")  - Saturday bus departure at 09:00
  • A: Castle hill (visible landmark, the city center is right behind it)

South Downtown

This is the train and main bus station area. Also see: satellite view, Google Earth data. (The map is very detailed because we also have our offices in this area.)

South downtown map


  • 02: Train station, city bus stops and taxi area
  • 03: Regional buses (Udine-Lignano, Udine-Airport, etc.)
  • 04: City bus stop and tickets
  • 05: Hotel Cristallo (2006 hotel - different from 2007!)
  • 06: Private car park

Car Rental

  • 07: Maggiore / National Car Rental
  • 08: Avis Rent a Car

Banks (ATM, ForEx, etc.)

  • 09: Banca di Udine, bank with ATM (EC, Cirrus, Visa, AmEx, etc.)
  • 10: Banca Popolare di Vicenza, bank with ATM (EC, Cirrus, Maestro, Visa, AmEx, etc.)
  • 11: UniCredit, bank with ATM (EC, Visa, AmEx, etc.)
  • 12: Banca Popolare FriulAdria, bank with ATM (EC, Cirrus, Visa, etc.)

Post Offices

  • 13: Post Office (Mon-Sat, closes at 14:00)
  • 14: Post Office (Mon-Sat, closes at 19:30)

Internet Access Points

  • 15: Mail Boxes Etc. (internet access point, UPS and Western Union)
  • 16: Internet Play (internet access point)

Eat and Drink

  • 17: McDonald's
  • 18: Arab bar and restaurant
  • 19: Tuttogelato (probably best pinolata ice cream flavor in town, but also great pistacchio, and many more flavors)
  • 20: Bar
  • 21: Pizzeria Odeon (a somewhat more elegant pizzeria and restaurant, closed on Monday)


  • 22: Supermarket (Mon-Sat)
  • 23: Coin-op laundry

Beyond the Map

  • A: Typical local map entry point when arriving from highway
  • B: City Center (about 500 m from the "B" arrow, you can also follow the parallel roads, e.g. Via V. Veneto)
  • C: Highways (follow the green "Autostrada" sign immediately after the "C" arrow, passing the gas station, staying on the right lane of the larger road; after the road curves to the right move to the left lane; when you reach the large square, Piazzale Cella, turn left and drive around about a quarter of the square and follow the green "Autostrada" signs directing you either south towards Venezia/Trieste or north towards Tarvisio/Austria)