If you feel overwhelmed by computer innovation, history and art, cultural events, sightseeing and cuisine, and you just want some plain fun, which in itself can have as many definitions as people seeking it, here are some additional tips.


Apart from a few night clubs which stay open, most of the Udine night life migrates from the city and surrounding areas to the beach town of Lignano from May to September. Discos such as the Bunker, Ca' Margherita, Drago, Kursaal and Mirò are just a few of the places which make Lignano a very nice resort. If you are looking for something "different", in nearby Aviano (home of a United States Air Force base) everything is US-style: the dollars you pay at the entrance, the people, and the music...


Most shops in Udine are open Tuesday to Saturday, from 08:30 to 12:30 and 15:30 to 19:30, while larger stores and shopping malls are open every day including weekends. Certain food and hardware stores are open on Monday and Wednesday morning (and closed in the afternoon). All of this was probably designed so that people working in offices and factories can go shopping on Saturday, and for people who work in shops to be able to at least buy some food on Monday morning, and for people who work in food stores to be able to buy other things on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. But the result is now a bit messy, with "old style" shops following strict hours, and larger chains with rotating personnel being open all day Monday to Saturday, and on some Sundays too.

The city center has some very nice shops ranging from food delicacies to fashion, to jewelry, etc. Feel free to ask for advice if you are looking for something special.

If you want all in one place, and/or if it is raining, you can take a bus (number 9 from the train station) to a large shopping mall such as Città Fiera, which is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, and which will be open during the entire Codex Alpe Adria weekend (including Sunday). The place includes ethnic restaurants (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Arab) and movie theaters.

If you arrived by car from Austria, you can enter the highway at Udine nord or Gemona and visit some of the shopping centers to the left and right of the road to Tricesimo, which have plenty of parking space. Carrefour has a large shopping mall (formerly called Euromercato, or Centro Commerciale Friuli, but still referred to as "Berlusconi" from the name of the former owner, and now also former prime minister).

Movie Theaters

  • Downtown Theaters (most are near the city center, within 10 minutes walking distance from each other)
  • Cineplex Center (at Città Fiera shopping mall)
  • Cinecity (largest theater complex, with advanced digital projector in theater 1, but you need a car to get there)