Help Wanted

Codex Alpe Adria 2006 would not be possible without the generous help of numerous volunteers. We welcome all ideas and help.

We are currently specifically looking for (volunteers work in shifts, one person per role at a time):

  • Volunteers for reception and general support
  • Volunteers to guide visitors through the series of retrocomputing items (machines, magazines, emulators)
  • Volunteers to keep an eye on food and beverage levels, and trashcans
  • Volunteers to assist visitors in using the Altair 8800 emulator (link 1, link 2, emulation PC will be provided, next to the Altair itself, but help with setup will also be appreciated)
  • Volunteers to process votes (familiarity with Schulze method and software required)
  • Posters, banners and other artwork to be affixed at the event (will be returned to owner)
  • Cars and friendly drivers to and from TRS, TSF and VCE airports on Friday, Sunday and Monday
  • Your visit and contribution (demos, old hardware, etc.)...

Thank you!