Codex Alpe Adria and Amiga

To many of us, the Amiga embodied the dream of uncompromising excellence. For this reason the Amiga will always have a special place in our hearts.

The Amiga's unique combination of superior multimedia technology and operating system also allowed it to become the grounds on which new forms of creativity, talent and art could express themselves. In the second half of the 1980s, on the Amiga, the demoscene flourished.

As the Amiga name and ideals continued to fight difficult battles, almost 20 years after the launch of the original Amiga in 1985, the first editions of Codex Alpe Adria were still named Amiga Alpe Adria, reflecting not only a special focus on Amiga, but also a strong respect for diversity, as the event itself was already wide open to other platforms.

We recognize the important role of the Amiga in our lives, in our culture, and in our event. We also believe that the Amiga can teach many a lesson in the history of personal computing as well as in cultures of diversity and in the challenges that are faced by technology enthusiasts and businesses alike. Preparing for Codex Alpe Adria 2007 we not only chose to keep including numerous items of Amiga hardware and software spanning more than 20 years of continued development, but we will be showing a unique set of videos which focus on the history of Amiga, seen from different perspectives.

Codex Alpe Adria 2007 is expected to be honored by several major hardware and software announcements. Some will focus on a new "Amiga", others will bring back memories of the past.

As we recognize that names may change, while we continue to be attached to our past and to "Amiga" ideals of quality and excellence, beauty and elegance, diversity and friendship, we are ourselves trying to find appropriate words to describe what it is that, after all, we are looking for. Perhaps we will never find it. Perhaps it will remain a continuous work in progress. What are you looking for? Would you like to help?

To all our Amiga friends, and to our new friends, here and now, a warm welcome to Codex Alpe Adria.