"Demos" at "Codex"

Demoscene productions, or "demos", are little gems of technology and art. The artistic parts include both the skillful crafting of code, and the visuals and sounds which are later generated in real time by the code itself.

Demos are usually (but not always) released during events which host competitions, or "compos", where the best demos in various category win prizes. A demoscene gathering as well as competitions are part of Codex Alpe Adria and of the atmosphere of openness, friendliness and diversity which the event aims to promote.

Important: the demo competitions have been adjourned in order to avoid a date conflict with another event. More detailed information to follow soon. This does not otherwise affect the rest of the July event.

The other Side of Software

In a computing world in which hardware and software have exploded beyond imagination, where pioneers and artisans have been displaced by billion-dollar investments, where programming manuals that used to ship with affordable home computers have been replaced by multi-volume and constantly-changing SDKs which are beyond the reach of the average user, the demoscene continues to remind us that writing software can still be a sublime fusion of expression and creativity, of technology and art.

Amiga Demos
Amiga Demos

The demo universe is a dimension and a medium in which the germ of talent can be discovered and nourished, where individuals exchange ideas and compete with others, but, as they build worlds of which they are to be in full control, they are also confronted most of all in an intimate challenge with their inner selves.

Demoscene Productions

Codex Alpe Adria will again feature a number of new demoscene productions, presented by their authors, and a selection of "important" productions from the past.

Whether you consider it art, software, or both, or if you never heard of the "scene", we encourage you to open your mind and experience as much as you can of these creations, their authors and the culture they represent.

While you may be able to grasp the artistic perspective of each demo without any technical knowledge, we encourage you to also explore the limits, the difficulties and the innovations that may have come with a production. Because each type of demo and each hardware platform has its own constraints and rules, and rules are the carriers of poetry.