Alternative Systems

Diversity as the Rule

You are not likely to ever experience a presentation of Windows, Mac OS or GNU/Linux at Codex Alpe Adria, although these operating systems may be found on some of the systems used to demonstrate other technologies. Instead, the event tries to focus on "different" operating systems. No matter whether you love or hate the operating system you use every day, we encourage you to try to explore something new. At Codex Alpe Adria you can: the latest versions of AmigaOS, MorphOS, Zeta and other operating systems will be presented by top notch experts.

Friendly and highly qualified software and hardware professionals, artists and enthusiasts, who often traveled a long way to be at the show, will be ready to explain new things to the public, and at the same time learn from the questions and suggestions. We try to provide a familiar atmosphere at the event to encourage such contacts.

In general we try to focus on new technologies and creations. You may however also notice items and software on display that you may have seen or heard of before. It often happens, in this field, that something new is announced... only to win one or two yearly vaporware awards in a row. So, if you once again see the same AmigaOS 4.0 that you remember being presented in 2005, well... please consider that it is not the same AmigaOS 4.0, and perhaps try to think and discuss about the enormous challenges that may have been encountered in this project. Understanding this will help you understand technology, especially seen from the perspective of smaller entities, as we try to see it. Other hardware and software solutions shown at previous editions of Codex Alpe Adria (e.g. Zeta, C-One) illustrate what an enormous challenge the combination of innovation and diversity that we seek can represent, as present and future editions of Codex Alpe Adria will make understandable.