Attendance to Codex Alpe Adria 2007 is free. Restaurants and museums have a small cost (which we try to negotiate where possible, for example by arranging a good menu for the entire group). Please help us plan for the event, including event bus size and seats, insurance and meals by filling in the registration form below. You will also receive up-to-date emails with detailed schedule, location and contact details. If we reach capacity on any of the facilities, registered guests will have priority.


When you visit the show you will receive a badge indicating your name, city and country of origin, plus a line of free text provided by you. You don't have to wear the badge if you don't wish to, and you can provide a nickname or leave some information blank if you prefer, however we found badges useful at similar events where a lot of new people met in person for the first time.

Registration Form

If you plan to stay overnight (including Friday evening or Saturday evening) please select the "Extended Stay" option and let us know how long you expect to stay, and if you are interested in joining the smaller group for a pizza with Ciccio on Friday evening, the main event on Saturday (bus departs at 09:00), the official dinner on Saturday, or in the excursion to the Alps on Sunday (and perhaps more sightseeing on Monday).

If you need help with accommodation or other local information, or if you have special indications for the meals, please do not hesitate to let us know in your message. If you would like to be picked up at the airport we need your flight number and mobile phone number. Feel free to contact us again if we can do anything else to help you organize your visit, or to make your stay in Udine and in Italy more comfortable.

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Privacy information: The above form emails your request to the Codex Alpe Adria team at Cloanto. No information is stored on the web server. In addition to the data you provide, your IP address and date and time information are logged in the same way as they normally appear in email headers. For additional privacy-related information please follow this link.