About Codex Alpe Adria


Codex Alpe Adria would not be possible without the special help of numerous volunteer organizers, including:

  • General coordination: Michael C. Battilana, Nicola Morocutti
  • Retrocomputing: Matteo Rodaro
  • Media relations: Claudio Marro Filosa
  • Additional setup and logistics: Dario Soccoli, Luca Danelon and Maurizio Treppo
  • All exhibitors
  • Our visitors, who keep making us feel part of a very special community


Codex Alpe Adria is supported by Cloanto's Italian software development team, with the help of numerous contributors and sponsors.


Codex Alpe Adria was first organized in 2003, following growing interest from the alternative computing community and more in general for an informal computing and software development get-together in this beautiful area.


Codex Alpe Adria aims to be a high-quality event with a familiar atmosphere where developers and users alike can meet and learn from each other. Traditionally, the event tries to explore affinities and relationships where they are often not recognized, especially along and across the boundaries of code, art and time.

Codex Alpe Adria is about:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Code
  • Art
  • Open minds
  • Simple words
  • Positive change
  • Different operating systems (not the usual ones)
  • Different times (past, future)
  • Different hardware (not the usual computers)
  • Learning
  • Asking questions (be curious, dare to ask)
  • Giving answers (a challenge and art in itself)
  • Recognizing excellence
  • Making new friends
  • Visiting new places
  • Preparing for the next event

Codex Alpe Adria is not:

  • A large event
  • A commercial event (entry is free, nobody gets paid)
  • A "you don't belong" place or culture
  • A LAN party, gaming or file sharing event

We constantly strive to change and improve while maintaining the spirit that made this events so enjoyable to visitors of previous editions. Your feedback in this respect is always welcome.