2005 Edition Gallery

The following pictures were taken during Codex Alpe Adria 2005.

Click the images to view a 640x480 picture. The original higher resolution images, where available, can be loaded by appending "_hires" to the file name (e.g. "example.jpg" vs. "example_hires.jpg").

Please refer to the image file name prefixes for photo credits:

  • Alberto Artico (aa)
  • Alessandro Passoni (ap)
  • Andreas Bornmann (ab)
  • Claudio Marro Filosa (cmf)
  • Enrico Vidale (ev)
  • Jens Schönfeld (js)
  • Luca Danelon (ld)
  • Max Raber (mr)
  • Niels Bache (nb)
  • Sami Ylönen (sy)
  • Simone Di Giorgio (sdg)
  • Stefan Leitner (sl)

Friday at Ciccio's


Camera in camera...

... and again

As always, Ciccio was enjoyable and good

Trouble with colors... Seeing double...
Lots of green.... Could it be...
All your base are belong to us?


Final Preparations

Jens setting up the
Altair emulator


A small breakfast
to kickstart the day

Lights off!




Jens showing the C-One...

... and the MMC64

No doubt, a powered-up C64

Christian presenting Zeta 1.0

Yes, it is shipping!

Dario and Max with the latest
AmigaOS and AmigaOne news

Andrea and Mauro show the latest
MorphOS and Pegasos developments

Introducing Amiga Forever 2005


Demos Galore

Demos running all day
on multiple platforms

Skan is checking for
last-minute submissions

And the winner is...


Retro Times

Bits you could see and touch

Various (small) Cray
parts on display, but...

... only because the hard disk
(and the rest) did not fit
through the door ;-)

The original Altair
launch issue...

... and notes from Bill

The hardware that started a
revolution, and the movie that
inspired its name

Olivetti's attempt to
add style to an industry...

... but Steve did it better

And Amiga, of course!

More hardware from Commodore...

... and not only Commodore...

... indeed


Exhibit and People

The event rooms were busy
from morning to evening


People and machines




New friends

A new issue
of Bitplane

A sneak peek at the new
Amiga Forever 2005

Hex editor required

Hex editor optional

Fresh air...

... and fresh beer

What might Jay say? ;-)

Sweet temptations


It wouldn't be Friulian
hospitality without...

... a glass of red

At the end of the day lots of
pictures were taken by enthusiasts...

... and professionals alike


Saturday Evening

The day is not over yet!

This year's dinner is at
Trattoria alla Ghiacciaia

Enrico looks happy...

... could it be because of the food?


Nice T-shirts, too

A final grappa...

... and one last small beer


Sunday's Sightseeing

0xAAers visit the fishing village
of Marano Lagunare (south of Udine)

The day begins with a quick
lunch in Lignano, on the
other side of the lagoon

Lots of signs, on
and off the road..

... as distractions abound

Beach life can be tempting...

... but there's still a lot
too see in Marano

Il campanile is impressive, but...

... just across the port
and into the trees...

... it looks like on
a different planet

Welcome to the natural reserve

The region indeed offers
a lot of diversity...

... also in colors...

... and bikers


Sightseeing in Udine

Udine by day...

... and by night



... and a refreshing watermelon
(280 K is just perfect, says our
host, a local celebrity)

A last dinner downtown...

... and in the hills

See You Next Year!