2003 Edition Gallery

The following pictures were taken during Codex Alpe Adria 2003.

Click the images to view a 640x480 picture. The original high resolution images can be loaded by appending "_hires" to the file name (e.g. "example.jpg" vs. "example_hires.jpg"). Five presentation images and one sightseeing photo are also accompanied by links to MP3 audio files.

Please refer to the image file name prefixes for photo credits:

  • Andreas Bornmann (ab)
  • Claudio Marro Filosa (cmf)
  • Daniel Beorchia (db)
  • Jens Schönfeld (js)
  • Luca Danelon (ld)
  • Maurizio Antoniazzi (ma)


Jürgen Schober presents AmigaOS 4.0
(English MP3 audio)

Jens Schönfeld presents the C-One, the Catweasel
and a network card for the C64

(English MP3 audio)

Andrea Bernardi and Mattia Tristo present BeOS
(Italian MP3 audio)

Jürgen Schober refuels before presenting the AmigaOne
(English MP3 audio)

Jürgen Schober kindly repeated his AmigaOS 4.0
presentation for the afternoon public
(English MP3 audio)


Exhibit and People

Mik and Luca during the opening minutes

An A4000 with PPC and AmigaOS 4.0

Two AmigaOne boards

GNU/Linux on AmigaOne


Andrea and Mattia demoing BeOS

MorphOS running on Pegasos PowerPC hardware

PC history: an Altair 8800b

Silence, please


... and a CD32

Before the Amiga: Commodore's SX-64,
one of the world's first portable computers

A C65 being tested before the show
(Jens had to use the screwdriver)...

... to make sure that everything went smoothly

Commodore's VIC 20, the precursor
to the incredibly successful C64

A CBM 3008 and CBM 4016 networked
together for a multi-player game

Back to the future: a computer without fans

Mick Tinker and Steve Rencontre's Access

A Picasso II prototype

Some of the computers on display upstairs
(a NeXT Cube, a Sinclair ZX 80 and an Olivetti M20)

Inanimate objects...

... more inanimate objects...

... and lots of people...

... packed the rooms from morning to late afternoon

Say "cheese!"

By the way, what are you doing here,
all the way from Australia?

You too, here?

Behind the Scenes

Paul and Wojtka preparing the badges...

... and Massimiliano aligning the event CDs

It also took a lot of love...

... that's Amore

The Night Before

Friday evening was Ciccio Night

Jens and Andreas...

... taking pictures of each other


Before closing a bit later than usual...

... Ciccio gave us another bottle of Limoncello

Saturday Evening

Stop talking about computers, please...

... the show went well, so just enjoy the evening

Sunday's Sightseeing

This must be what they call "Amiga Anywhere"

Pictures from Piazza Libertà and the castle

Walking around Udine we met some pedestrians
singing about Udine's castle and youth...
(Friulian MP3 audio)

Cividale was nice, but at the end of the day
we are all a bit tired...

Sunday Evening

Pastasciutta al dente...

... and a nice movie...

... before Ross has to leave...

... and Claudio says goodbye too.

Thank You All!